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If your online course or workshop isn't quite working the way you want it to work (like creating raving fan clients, who are coming back for more), then this call is for you!

I'm hosting 10 Quick Course Fix calls in November, 2022 for FREE !

Yeah, you read that right! 🤯

This year has been full of partnership commitments in my biz, leaving a lot less time for my favorite part: building YOUR successful course roadmap with you!

So I decided to do something crazy: I've slashed the $97 price by 100%, I've cleared my calendar, and made space to host 10 x Quick Course Fix calls in November.

Turn your course into a binge-worthy experience that makes clients ask for more of what you have.

Come book a call with me!


I'm hosting 10 calls to help course creators 10x their client retention rates before the end of the year.

What is a Quick Course Fix call?


Most Course Creators build their courses backward - starting with the content and not the core goals or learning outcomes.


We're going to get clear on exactly how to clean up and arrange your course content in the most client-friendly way and peel away everything that is in the way of getting stellar results.


What is the core material that provides the information your clients need? So they'll be able to implement the action steps they want to take?

We will apply the "less, but better" principle and make sure you provide a series of "lightbulb moments" to your people with useful tools they need for implementation. 


Now that you have the winning course outline and materials in the right quantities and order, it's time to map out a badass delivery plan!

The best part? You often only need to add a few hacks and bake them into your course design in order to make your course more binge-worthy and make it so good your clients can't get enough of it!


Why are you doing this, Zsuzsanna?

#1 - This year was a #shitshow as far as being overbooked with projects that paid well, but did not light me up at all. 

I had opportunities I couldn't say "no" to and zero percent of Entrepreneurs will be surprised to hear that it made it very difficult for me to keep up the spirit that made me want to become a business owner in the first place. 

Now that I ended those commitments, I can't wait to get back to my jam, which is fixing my people's educational products and making them outstanding in this INSANE marketplace.

This brings me to my second point...

#2 - I need to get back on the horse...

Just being transparent here! I'm also here to get the freshest, juiciest intel from you in this ever-changing industry, where pre-COVID trends sound like they are from the stone age. My two decades of course design & delivery experience is only worth anything at all times when it's the most up-to-date and ready to kick ass in 2023!


#3 - Once I've developed a new implementation framework, I want to hone it.

I honed in on my Course Cake™ framework last year, which is the simplest & most fun course planner you are ever going to use. And while I loved using it with my clients, I started to see a need for a well-packaged Course Delivery framework to be able to help all those who already have put a shitton of time & resources into creating a course, but something is just not clicking...

You can think of this as me doing my so-called 10,000 hours. Mastering my craft. Putting the necessary reps in to develop that sexy course experience designer six-pack. Walking my talk. Getting my hands dirty. (You get the point!)


I am so darn excited to meet with you! I'm taking these calls as seriously as if you have paid FULL PRICE for them, so here's what I ask in return:


Show up on time and be ready to rock this session.


You can reschedule one time as long as there's still availability. Please do so at least 24 hours in advance.*

Click the button below to book & your call with me using Calendly

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Make sure you answer all questions as thoroughly & truthfully as you can on the booking form

Save the call in your own calendar - digital, analog, what have you 😊

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