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Would you like to create a freedom business, teaching others something you LOVE...while getting paid well for it?
  • Whether you've JUST had enough of the corporate or public meat grinder and plan to go independent, or you have already made the space jump...
  • Whether you've considered this for years or the recent changes in the world & in your life have just made you realize that it is about time...
  • You are ready to create the independent teacher lifestyle that gives you freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment... Okay, but where to start? 

Maybe you could stitch together a Wix website? Get another certificate?

Sift through the MYRIADS of tools, offers, courses, and resources?

While your desktop may start to look like a hoarder's hallway, the things you need to 'learn & apply' quickly become overwhelming, and the desired exponential increase in income feels lightyears away...

Sounds familiar?  

  • You want the freedom that comes with working for yourself, which would mean that you choose who you want to work with, when, and why.

  • You’re also scared of the ups and downs of freelancing - especially in the midst of a crisis.

  • "Too much information" feels like a massive understatement when it comes to the influx of what you are dealing with...

  • You REALLY need a change, so you can finally feel that you make not only the money but also the impact on the world that would provide meaning & fulfillment...


  •  ...but you’re too busy and overwhelmed to even figure out where to start.

YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Thousands of other teachers 

are going through this.

And I need you to know that it's possible to set things up right from the get-go.

Imagine having a fast, flexible & life-proof tool at your fingertips…


A program that showed you how to live a life where you could choose your own hours, decide who you want to work with and work from anywhere around the world.



  • Online teaching will always thrive and no lockdown will pull you down, ever.

  • Forbes predicted that by 2025, the online learning industry is going to worth $325 BILLION - and that was the estimate before COVID-19.

  • Now is the right time to be part of this boom industry and get your fair share of what it has to offer!

Starting any kind of business is tough.





Teachers don’t deserve that.

YOU don’t deserve that.



With my coaching package you’ll be able to: 


 Create an independent online teaching business that gives you the freedom you crave (yes, with flexibility, fulfillment and the stability of a consistent income)

 Stand out in the crowd - by finding your Unique Teacher Voice and using the gifts and talent you ALREADY have (without investing in expensive courses, certificates or tools you think you need)

 Streamline your teaching systems without breaking the bank (stop paying for stuff you don’t need to run your biz and start implementing the free systems)

 Attract more students, and better students (the ones who are motivated and WANT to pay for your lessons)

 Simplify your daily teaching, service & business tasks (to create balance in your life - instead of being at the mercy of others, and/or teaching at impossible hours)​​

Clarity, clarity, and more clarity!  There I was a few months before, confused and overwhelmed - with trembling knees, job lost & zero students! Now my calendar is fully booked - with students I love!
I recommend this package to EVERYONE who is a small teaching business owner, and ready to open up his/her mind to real change. Who has the idea, or already doing his/her business, but still not aware of many business elements, and struggling with any of the topics we've covered, like freedom, balance, prioritizing, systematizing, and a lot more.”


Yoga Instructor, Greece

So what’s inside The Teaching Biz Essentials Package?

The program is structured over 5  modules, each one giving you a new skillset you can implement right away.




I mean, just between us teachers... We know how much theoretical knowledge is worth without pragmatic ways to make it usefulSo I'll make sure there is REAL progress - by providing practical tools to implement your exponentially growing knowledge and clarity every step of the way! Deal? ;)

The best part? It is flexible! You can choose the speed and intensity, depending on your, capacity and time. (You can also choose your payment plan - this is why we need to talk about the price! )


Here’s the breakdown...

 Your quick & efficient package to streamline 
your independent teaching business 
(so you can work less and earn more)



All about you

Let's find & refine your Unique Teacher Voice!

The first steps on this adventure:

  •  Find your Unique Teaching Voice

  •  Get clear on how you stand out in the crowd

  •  Make sure you know where your zone of genius is

Psssst! After training 1000+ teachers, I know exactly what to look for. ;)


A glimpse from this module: Your teaching business can’t be built without setting a solid foundation first. And in this business, the foundation is… you  :)



All about your students

It is time to get super clear on this whole "niching" topic!

There are students out there that need and want exactly what you’re offering. How can we get your message super clear and attract your best ever-students? You'll find it out in this module!

Super secret sneak-peek: People don’t buy services, they buy solutions - and you’ll learn how to offer your service as the exact solution to your students’ problems.



All about your service

Your personal & systematized

service coming up!

Get your business organized and set up correctly from the very beginning. This means you won’t have to go back to reorganize your business process when you’re fully booked with your fave students.

A little giveaway: Systems mean freedom. Yup, you read that right! Packaging and systematizing will save you a ton of time and energy, and that will allow you to revamp your entire biz with a focus on your future success.



All About  Money & Marketing

Let's talk money & how to market your expertise!

You already have an incredibly valuable skill to share. If you position yourself right, you’ll get to choose the students you want to work with, work less, and get paid more. How do we do that, though? With mindful marketing, so you do not have to waste hours (or months!) on Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Secret ingredient: Part of this Module is all about the money! Pricing your services may feel agonizing until you get the right formula - and I will help you to find your pricing sweet spot!



All about your  Bright future

You deserve to celebrate your own progress!

Your dreams matter as much as your everyday achievements - they fuel your fire and prevent burnout at the same time. Learning to dream big and act now is the best baseline for steady growth.

Here is a preview: You’ll finish up with clear steps on what to do next and will be crystal clear on how to keep growing your business. Then... we have to celebrate, right?! We’ll pop the virtual bubbles and celebrate together as a team.

amazing, right? 

And there is more...

Here is what you get when you sign up:



5x 1-hour 1:1 consultations

We’ll meet for an hour-long session in each module and discuss exactly where you’re at. These consultations are customized to your unique situation, and we’ll create strategies tailored to what you need. 


Audio & video materials 

With fun additional content of 15-20 minutes of video/audio materials and  1-3 downloadables in each module, you can prepare & implement in between our catch-ups to get the very most out it, at your own pace.  


 Active Assignments

Forget homework! What you learn in action can be the single fastest way to boost your success. I'll give you exactly what you need to implement and in just the right amounts, so you do not have to do any busywork.

 A system that actually works

You might sometimes feel like you’re failing in your business. Like maybe you weren’t set out to be an independent teacher. But the thing is — you just haven’t had the right information and applicable strategy presented to you in a way that MAKES SENSE. 


I know that if you follow the process in the right order, it’s fail-proof. And since you only need short bursts of time to work through the modules, it’s also totally doable even if you only have 3 spare hours a week.

Pay in FULL and 




What does this mean? Instead of paying $645, you pay:




INDEpendent online Teaching is the perfect lifestyle choice, If you want to feel Free & fulfilled at the same time. Let's do this together!

I am only halfway through the modules, but I can totally see the possibilities of how to work less for more money! Numbers regarding monthly income that I dared not dream about before, now seem ACHIEVABLE! Not so long ago, I felt stuck and was hesitant to take the next step – although I knew that I needed to evolve in one way or another.
I had to get out of my comfort zone and start working on a new platform, which felt scary and confusing earlier. Now I feel much more confident about the path I am taking & I start with my first online group of students next week!


Language Teacher & Tutor, Slovenia


In the consultations I work directly and exclusively with ONLY YOU to have your successful teaching service up and running ASAP (in only 5 weeks!) - so you can start making more money and feeling better in your own skin. 

Throughout our entire interaction, I place emphasis on strategic and pragmatic steps, applicable tools, close communication, and excellent service.

I work only with a maximum of 5 teachers in one week, to ensure the high-quality service you all deserve. Enquire now to reserve your spot!

Meet your mentor

Hi, I’m Zsuzsanna!


I’m an:

  • Educator and trainer of 1000+ teachers

  • Developer of people-friendly curricula

  • Emotional Integration practitioner

  • Award-winning inventor

  • Brain research nerd

I am also a misfit, a leftie, a carb-lover, an explorer, a stick figure artist, and totally obsessed with helping others create the freedom biz they long for.

While I have an MA in Education and a teaching degree, I have worked as an independent teacher, business owner & contractor in private education throughout my whole career.


After 23 years in the education industry and 10 years of mentoring and training other wonderful teachers, I was totally burnt out.


I needed to rest and recover, so I took a year off. 


Having the time to pause, I realized how backwards the teaching and tutoring industry was. Being a teacher shouldn’t come at the expense of anyone’s health, self-esteem, or financial success. And if total burnout could happen to me — someone who made a lot of money and was SO passionate about teaching and training — it was probably happening to many others. 

Pulling up all the data I have collected over a decade, I figured out a way to hack the independent teacher lifestyle and I started working with dozens of teachers online, making sure they also get the same amazing results:

A sustainable system that allows them to...

  • Work less

  • Create a better service

  • Earn a full-time income

  • Prevent burnout issues

I created my process based on feedback from hundreds of teachers around the world. It’s based on what actually works for real people in real life, while also fitting in with teachers' busy lifestyles.

What happens if you don’t sign up?

Look, the world won’t end and your life will keep going on as it is - you can always stay at your old job if you still have one,  or try to make ends meet while teaching for someone else, with no power over when and who you teach.

But is that what you really want?

You already have all the information you thought was available. And something is still not working. 


Will you keep tirelessly trying to make it work alone? Will you try to tack everything together from freebies? Will you throw in the towel? Or will you see the crisis as a wake-up call - to finally create the life that you really want for yourself?

I know that it is possible.


For you and every other overworked and underpaid teacher, instructor, and tutor out there!

Ever since I've been through the TBE Modules, I see things differently – it has completely changed my point of view and I am a lot more confident in everything I am doing.
 I highly recommend this training to everyone who is stuck in their teaching job and have no idea how to find the right direction. You will be completely renewed, full of ideas, and ready to implement the changes that are necessary to grow your teaching business!


Learning Studio Owner, Hungary

Zsuzsanna has a very clear and nurturing teaching style, which also makes it super easy for me to be authentic - something that is absolutely essential, if you want to get results fast. And, probably my favorite aspect about her is that she is so much fun to work and talk with and to generally just be around. 
She also has very uplifting and kind energy, but not the "you have to just be positive and think positive" kind of BS that many coaches bring in this line of work.  I am just super grateful that I found her and that people like her exist.


Clarity Coach, Germany

You CAN create a freedom business, teaching others something you LOVE…while getting paid well for it!

  • You understand the value of having a truly successful business that you can do from home (or from anywhere around the world!).


  • You know how much time it can take to nourish a business and set it up for success. Don’t waste any more time or money on downloads, courses, and programs that don’t give you the information you actually need. Nobody’s. Got. Time. For. That. 


  • Boost what you’re already doing without much extra investment and work. In fact, you’ll eventually end up doing less. I’ll show you how to maximize every ounce of available time to build that momentum & make progress in your business. 


Does this sound like the kind of support you and your business need?

YAY! LET's build up your teaching biz!

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