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Zsuzsanna Bekesi Smith





39 36th Avenue

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

About Me

Being instilled with the love of learning, I have become an experienced K-12 educator with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Educational Science and professional development - despite the learning difficulties I constantly had to face throughout my own schooling. 

My misfit state proved to be a blessing  - it developed the sensitivity, compassion, and understanding I needed during the 15+ years working with young children and teens, which also led to my 10+ years of educator & staff training experience including delivering workshops, designing training guidelines & instructional materials and providing support on every level of a large international organization.

Having worked in 17 countries online and on-site, I developed the ability to work both individually and as part of a team, independently solving problems while following high-quality company standards. Being a collaborator is my second nature and I'm accustomed to remote work and juggling multiple projects and shifting priorities.

I have an ongoing enthusiasm and a genuine passion for integrating technology and the best progressive educational practices, trusting that I'm helping people reach their full potential.

Work Experience 

October 2018 - Present

February  2009 - November 2018

May 2015 - August 2016

Consultancy Services: 

  • Founded after moving to the United States

  • Providing online services to Service Providers, Course creators & Coaches

  • Main profile: helping Online Experts to clarify their messaging, optimize their customer experience and multiply their client retention rates. 

Helen Doron Trainer:

  • Trained personally by CEO of the Helen Doron Educational Group, present in 38 countries, has had over 250 000 students in 1000+ locations and is the No. 1 largest educational Franchise in the world.

  • Training Courses & workshops held in 17 countries including Israel, South Korea, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, and Italy – worked with 1000+ Educators & Staff Members.

  • Instructional design, Curriculum Development for all levels.

  • Online/offline support: mentoring and facilitating Teachers in a network of 5000+ active, certified Teachers, plus Staff Members.

  • Designing workshops and content for large educational annual conferences.

  • Hosting full-day conferences and interactive workshops with over 200 participants.

Quality Assurance Team Leader: 

  • Academic support, assessment, and online + on-site tutoring in the existing locations nationwide (30+ sites).

  • Lived in Istanbul full time, traveled to 17 locations, held meetings with managers, teachers, and customers, modeled teaching in lessons, and suggested corrective actions on all levels of operation.

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